Tuesday, November 03, 2015


We all had a blast this year at our first 'real' Halloween.  Good times were had by all, walking around our new neighbourhood with new friends and enjoying the nice weather.  Oh. . . .and all that good candy (that got nicely organized on Sunday).  A ridiculously good haul by all accounts.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Life's Good

Libby and Mel came to meet me for a picnic near my office last week.  Nice!

I turned 41!

Mel is playing hockey!  Thanks to an early game last night, the kids and I were able to watch. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

When it's windy.....

When it's windy, best thing to do is to fly a kite.  Lucy and Victoria hang on tight down in Pincher Creek on the weekend.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Hi Betty

Hi Betty,

Really sorry we have been so delinquent with the blog posting lately.  I could blame Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or the other social media outlets available but really I think it has been genuine lack of time!

We have had a great month since the last update with my mom and dad around for some of it, so you can ask them about the general craziness in our lives.  We have managed to squeeze in some fun though:

Libby goes to pre-school three mornings per week, so sometimes she's lucky and Mel takes her for a hike

The whole gaggle spent a Saturday in the Peter Lougheed Park for a hike with friends.  See the rainbow?

Same day, different part of the hike.  That's the Upper Kananaskis Lake in the background.
What else happened. . . .Libby loves her little pre-school (which is just around the corner from our house so we like it too!) and the big opening bash included Elsa, so now she REALLY loves it

Melanie turned 40 at the end of the month.  Here she is with a nice 4-0 balloon bouquet from her Istanbul friend Nicola.
40 Years Young!
Melanie and Jody doing the Run for the Cure
Mel's dad turned. . . .older. . .on October 8.  Here they are on his birthday.

A big event this month was the wedding of our friends Muthu and Shelina.  As a big Indian affair, we had a busy weekend that happily included the kids in two of the three official events we had invites to.  All on Mel's birthday weekend, so there was no shortage of celebrating.

Here we are all dressed up for the Sangeet on Friday night.  Oh man. . . we danced and danced and. . .

. . . . well Oscar actually tapped out a bit early.  But the rest of us danced.  Libby did NOT want to leave the dance floor.

And the next morning we had the formal ceremony and lunch.  Looking sharp!
After the lunch, Grandma and Grandpa took the kids out to a movie while we napped and then headed out for an adults-only cocktail.  What a fun weekend.

The kids have been really active.  Oscar rides his bike to/from school every day and does a 'run club' Tuesday-Thursday mornings before school.  Libby is swimming and Lucy has started doing cross-country.

Here's Lucy with her buddies Bree and Victoria at their first x-country meet

A proud mamma

Grandma made Libby this BEAUTIFUL quilt, as she has done for all of them now.  Wow.

The kids are busy but generally lots of fun

Thanksgiving dinner in Fernie with Gaga and Papa

Libby hanging out at the bar with Gaga and Papa

A view from inside our trailer at 'the farm'


Looking north up the road to our farm

Ryan helping Lucy in the archery pit

Libby needed a little more help. . .

So yes a busy few weeks.  One of the highlights was for sure having mom and dad out.  We put them to work in the garden, garage and elsewhere but I think they enjoyed themselves.  Great to have them around and being a part of our busy lives - they sure were a big help. 

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Back in Canada!

Flying home. Wow. It's been a long time coming. We left Canada on December 1st, 2006 with 11 bags, 1 car seat and 1 kid. We flew back on July 25th 2013 with 7 bags, 1 bike, 3 car seats, and 3 kids. It's been an amazing journey but we are sure glad to be home!

Oscar and Libby spilling our snacks for the plane.

Mike not happy about it. Ha ha.

Jet lag is so mean.

Mike's first day at the office!

Lucy being a good dog sitter.

Our new backyard! JUMANJI!

New toy inspired by our Belgian Friends.

Road trip to Fernie with Fernie the dog.

Helping my parents sort through photos. Hmm Libby sure looks like her Gaga.

Hogwarts training!

Team bike ride in Fernie.

Libby biking on her own. . .YAY!

We had a few mice in our trailer over last 2 years. . .

Lucy trying to start the Strom mower at the farm.

New key for the new house!

Looking out the front door to the street.

We had big plans to have a picnic in the backyard. . but it decided to hail.

Hail storm on the first day in the new house. Good bye garden.

Our stuff! If you ever move overseas use MI Group. They are awesome!

First dinner in the house.

Libby at Bike Camp.

One of my most missed items. Makes THE BEST popcorn.

First time seeing an ice cream truck in Canada.

Our beautiful farm.

They make you carry big tickets in Canada. WOW!

Ladies bike night with my friend A.

The basement.

Toy room.

Laundry room.

The guest room.

The dining room.

The kitchen.

Picking up Papa from the hospital.

Opening his gifts with the kids.

Lucy and I refinished Mike's Grandma Ruth's old dresser.

The garage is looking better and better every day.

Oscar with a picture of Mike's Dad. He IS a Wrigglesworth!

Here is a photo of Grandma Ruth and her dresser.

Getting our stuff from Libya.

Found some of my old belly casts from when I was pregnant.

The previous home owners left us a GIANT bin of LEGO. Kids are not happy at all. . .

The famous Gindl Cat Birthday Cake.

Celebrating Birthdays with friends.

Re-united at last!

Opening gifts.

Libby enjoying the swing in Fernie.

Found this at my parents house. My old childhood record player. It still works!

Libby and Elliott at the Farm.

My near death experience. Rock flew through the trailer window while the lawn was getting mowed. Just missed my head.

The rock.

Farm fun!

Snow in August! Yahoo!

The final coat of Lucy's chosen colour.

Lucy taking a tour of her new school.

Who knew she was a pickle lover?

My Four-nager sleeping in . . .  oh summer holidays!

Libby not too sure about riding a carousel.

Oscar and Lucy loving it.