Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Robert's College

We have some great friends at Roberts College who invite us to the annual Easter Egg hunt every year. It is SUPER fun and the kids love it. All the kids have a wacky warm up (see video below) and then they have to enter the egg hiding grounds on a rope. All are then released at once to go and find eggs.  The eggs get hidden in some pretty clever hiding places and the kids have a blast running around collecting them all. Once finished a group of them usually go and  hide the eggs again for another hunt! Thanks for having us again guys.

The beautiful garden where all the eggs are hidden.

No peeking!

Oscar excited with his findings!

All the kids in the Easter Egg Hunt!

Thursday, April 02, 2015


For Christmas this year we got an amazing present from Mike - a trip to Lapland, Finland! WOW!
So on March 19th we headed from Istanbul to Helsinki then to our final destination in Kittilam. We spent 4 wonderful days in the Arctic! The weather was great and it was so nice to be in full-on winter.

The Northern Lights did not disappoint this time of year and we even got to head out on a night time dog sled ride through the forest. Fantastic! Loved Finland, the people and most of all WINTER!

We went to a reindeer farm
More reindeer
Traditional Finnish house
Warming Teepee. Hoping to build one of these at the farm!
This one is for you Dominika!
This is inside one of the wooden warming teepee's.

These are some of the reindeer sleighs.

No Mike is not napping. Making a snow angel!

Our family in snow angels

Oscar and Libby getting buried.

Lucy's breath making neat shapes in a ray of sunlight

Mmmm Finnish donuts.

Traditional socks

Our sled for our dog sleigh ride. Those are reindeer hides that kept us nice and toasty.

Getting the dogs all set up.

Our fire out in the forest.

The kids at sunset.
Here is a video from our dog-sleigh ride!

The ice castle in Levi.

Inside the ice chapel.

These were carvings in each of the ice hotel rooms.

Weeeeee. . .

Learning how to make a fire.

Cross-country skiing. Libby is in the sled.

Gather in!

In the bathroom mirror they had reindeer antlers for fun self portraits!

Libby, writing her name in the snow with a found reindeer antler.

Yay for Lapland!