Thursday, February 19, 2015

Photo walk in Istanbul and some creative days

I recently was able to go on an photo walk of Taksim area with a famous photographer. He gave us all sorts of great tips and took me to some spots that I had not been to yet. . .You think you know a place, but Istanbul is always full of surprises.

Lucy and Oscar's latest sewing projects!

I've got a job!

I've been participating in a Bootcamp class here in Istanbul for the last couple of years and had been the "sub" teacher a few times. In the New year my friend who teaches the class is too pregnant to keep going so asked me to take over! Of course I said YES! So if you are visiting us in Istanbul you might just get dragged to my classes on Monday and Fridays in Emirgan Park. Check it out Fresh Istanbul

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lucy turns 9 today!

Here is a photo of Lucy at 9 days old!

Here is a photo of Lucy at 9 years old!

Lucy we love you very much and are so proud of how hard you work all the time. You are such a good helper around the house. So lucky to be your parent! 

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Then we had a little more Fernie time with Gaga, Papa and family then a couple of days in Calgary with the Stroms!

The highlight for me this week was Libby finally skiing on her own! Yay! All that time with her between my legs and on the bunny hill paid off! Best part is she likes it!

Riding the poma all by herself!

The Uncle Robie lift to the Timber Chair. Yay cousin skiing!

I even got to ski a day with just my Dad! Looking forward to next year when I'll get at least a few of those days!

We even got Gaga out on skis for the first time in 3 years!

3 generations on a ski lift! Yay!
The Christmas Tree at Mom and Dad's

My sister-in-law Mel cooking up a storm!

More Christmas celebrations

Riding Gaga's many broomsticks. . .

Gaga's Yummy waffles at the bar.

Watching my nephew Rylen's Hockey Practice

Matteo lost his first tooth that day at school!

Skating at the rink near the Strom's house in Calgary.

Oscar playing ice hockey for the first time!
Bye bye Calgary see you in July. Permanently!!

Oscar and Bennett doing some hockey drills.