Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas Eve here in Holland Landing and the presents are all wrapped and the stockings are hung and we sure have been having fun! There has been lots of snow time, street hockey, skating, fort building, visiting, hockey game watching, Christmas tree cutting and decorating but most of all lots of great family time and here are the photos to prove it.

We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and hope that 2015 is filled with good health, happiness and a more caring, thoughtful and peaceful world!

Lucy and I in Istanbul in warmer temperatures before we left for Canada.

Our tree in Istanbul

Family Christmas before we left. . . hopefully Santa knows where we are?

What's in there?

Present opening!

SNOW!! Barely any but just enough to have fun in.

Building a fort

Decorating the tree at the W's

Family lunch before heading out to cut a tree for Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Cousin tractor ride to the cutting site

Brrrrr. . .

Which one should we pick Dad?

Grandma and her eldest grand kiddos.

Yay Christmas!

Shaking the snow off so we can see what it will look like.

The tree farm

I think this is it!

Santa's little helper having a tub!

The boys worried that we won't make the puck drop at the Leaf's Game.

First time for all 4 of us out without kids in a very very long time! Thank you Grandma!!

Winterfun in Newmarket

Mike and Nigel at the Martin Family gathering

Our musical entertainment for the afternoon



Reunited after 5 long years!

Pond skating

TL has not changed a bit!

Happy Lucy skating

How many pairs of skates can you carry on 1 stick?

Warming up by the fire

So good to see you Anthea!


Mike and his Mom playing Christmas carols together

Listening to Grandpa read Christmas stories

Someone is pretty excited for Santa to come!

T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house. . . . .

Friday, November 28, 2014

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Brazil Turkey Friendly Match

Last night I took the kids to watch their first real football match (soccer for you N.Americans). It was a friendly match between Turkey and Brazil. The stadium was packed 80,000+ people and the fans were fantastic. They loved Neymar of course and by the end of the match were chanting his name and boo'ing the Turkish players. I asked the kids to predict the score before the match. Lucy thought it would be 2-0 for Brazil, I thought it would be 3-1 for Brazil and Oscar predicted 4-1 Brazil. The score ended up 4-0 for Brazil. What a fun night! Love this city! We even got to take the boat across to the Asian side to watch the match.

The kids at the famous "Bull" in Kadiköy

This guy had great face paint. The way Polis should actually be spelled in English!

3 Neymar's!!

They had a Turkish flag for every fan! Sea of RED!!

Happy fans!

Look at all the flags!!

Oscar and I having a good time

Go Turkey Go!

Neymar Jr. FANS! The Turkish fans were joking with us. 1 Neymar Jr. is tough but 3 Neymar's. . we can't handle it!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Back on the Bikes in Belgrade Forest

We went back to Belgrade forest on the weekend and had another great afternoon.  This picture sums it up nicely!

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

What Can I Do?

I can't say I have heard this song too many times in my life, but for some reason lately it keeps coming up.

Now I'm not a huge Corrs fan or anything, but it's a catchy tune I suppose.  I must have heard it a month or so or something because last week in Abu Dhabi I heard it and it sounded familiar.

But imagine my surprise when just the NEXT DAY while in Doha, my Kenyan taxi driver had a Jamaican rap version of this same song on the radio.  I was in the cab just smiling to myself.

Time to buy the song or something I guess. . . .

Monday, November 03, 2014

Family Bike Ride in Belgrade Forest!

On Sunday we headed out to the Belgrade Forest a huge forest about 35 minutes away from our house in Istanbul.  We loaded up the bikes and the kids and gave it go!

The kids LOVED it and had a blast exploring the trails on 2 wheels. Yay! Finally!

After that we shared a fire with the local guards of the forest and made hot chocolate. Yummy.

Looking forward to going back next week.

Lucy flying up the trails

Yay Biking!

Taking a break to explore some fallen down trees and other trails.




Yummy picnic in the sun with some wild cats!