Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hand-Powered Ferris Wheel

I took this video in Stockholm last week.  Cool!


Friday, August 01, 2014


While people wait patiently for the photos from our awesome vacation, here is a teaser. . . .sums the boat trip portion of the tour quite nicely.  This is not a postcard.  We lived on that boat for a week.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Our First Harvest!

We picked the first cucumber from our little garden last night.  Tasty!  Pretty amazing actually how fast the plant grew, and we're already excited for the next one.

No tomatoes picked yet, but some big green ones are there, so it won't be long.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

My First Fish

I still remember catching my first fish.  I was young - less than 10 for sure - and at the Fenelon Falls cottage, trolling with my grandparents and my brother in Grandpa Ernie's dispro.   Grandpa Ernie loved to fish, so it was always part of the package when visiting Fenelon that fishing was included, and I think we all loved it.

Anyway, as the younger brother, my line went in first.  With the dispro put-put-putting along the shores of Sturgeon Lake, it wasn't long before I had a nibble and was reeling in my first fish - a 5-inch pickerel.  The story goes that my brother didn't even have the worm on his hook yet.  

Yesterday we were strolling along the Bosphorus on our way to a Canada Day dinner and had some time to kill.  So when we passed a guy renting fishing rods, we decided to give it a try.  And wouldn't you know but on my first cast I reeled in a fish (we think it was a sardine, but maybe a mackerel), probably about the same size as that first fish at Fenelon many moons ago.

As you can see, we were all pretty excited.  Unfortunately we didn't have time for the kids to catch one, but we'll go back soon - it was fun, and I'm on a roll!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Our First Day with a GoPro

Editing is a bit clunky, but this was our day yesterday (or most of it, anyway).  We bought a GoPro camera and had some fun.

There is a fast-forward section in there that shows the walk down into Ortakoy. It might make you a bit woozy during that section, but things slow down again soon.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June action!

As I write this there are only 3 more days left of school! WOW! Where did this school year go?? Libby's school finished last week so we have been enjoying some much needed Mom and Libby time. Lucy had her year end party last week and Oscar is having his tomorrow.  Here are some photos that capture the last few weeks. Enjoy! Happy summer holidays everyone!

We sadly said goodbye to our old not tunable piano the other day. Thanks! You were good to us.

Lucy excited about Spirit Day at school.

Mike wanted a bit of a garden on the roof. Let's hope Lucy can keep things alive in his absence.

Yummy homemade pizza night. Carmelized onion, cilantro and pear. The other is roasted eggplant and tomato with Turkish white cheese. Come and visit us and I'll make you some!

I've had the opportunity to sub-teach a Bootcamp class for a friend. Here is my class at the park where we attend classes!

Mike's Father's day breakfast in bed. Hmmmm not mmmmmm.

Opening his presents

Our first tomato coming already!

Pepper plants

They built a new outdoor park at the shopping mall near our house. Complete with a Starbucks!

Libby giving it a go by herself.

Oh oh. . .

Phew. Still loved it and went up to do it again and again!

Ice cream with her buddies afterwards to celebrate!

Lucy at a friends going away swim party.

Lucy and her buddy Noor.

Libby came with me to the salon and this is what they did to her.

We finally put together Libby's big girl bed. Yahoo!

A small science exhibit at our local mall. Oscar was excited to show me his hair standing on end. Ha ha!

Oscar and a bunch of his classmates at the new park.

Nothing better then a water park on a hot summer day!

Another Sweet Jersey Spotting

Further to my sighting of a Paul Molitor jersey in Tripoli a few weeks ago, I saw this one in Singapore at the beginning of June (when they were still winning lots).  Bautista!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Fresh Fruit & Veggies

Istanbul (and Turkey) have great fruits and vegetables for sale all year round.  Everything is seasonal, so we're just getting into peaches and watermelon these days.  Delicious, and they look good too!  Stores proudly display the colourful choices street-side, and even small stands are scattered about in some areas.  This one was down in Yenikapi about a month ago.