Monday, July 06, 2015

Greg and Ivana's Wedding in Spain

This event actually happened on May 21st. . .but life has been a wee bit crazy this last little while I haven't had the chance to post much. Now that we are on holidays in the Alps of France (more on that soon!) I'll get caught up on blogging.

Mike and I (and all or most of the Forgrave/Wrigglesworth clan) converged in Granada, Spain to see two amazing people get hitched. It was an incredible weekend that G & I filled with so many fun activities - Tapas night, Flamenco dancing and music, the wedding itself, the location! Can't remember the last time I danced until 4:30 AM!! My bro-in-law Marty and my sis-in-law Brenda planned this amazing flash mob dance for the newlyweds, it was incredible to watch their reaction. Cheers to many many happy years G & I!!

Granada with views of Al Hambra. Amazing.

Me and Uncle Marty. Love him.

Grandma Nancy with her boys!

Having fun with Auntie Bee and Anna.

Watching the incredible Flamenco show. This group was performing the next night to a sold show of over 3000 people!

Mike and I celebrating 10 years on the wedding day!

The Forgrave-Wrigglesworth clan


The amazing band

Look at those shoes. . .

Greg getting a squeeze from his sis and niece.

Ivana getting a squeeze from Uncle Tom.

Best wedding poem of all time by Auntie Larraine.

Touring Granada with Grandma and Mike

Marty and I not enjoying our turn on the Tapas rotation.

That's us! The W's!

Nothing like drinking good wine under drippy pork. . . .

We love España!

Now that's how you keep track of a bar tab.

Monday, June 08, 2015

A bit of Calgary comes to Istanbul!

We were so lucky to have 2 good family friends come and visit us in Istanbul.  Eric, Marcia and crew as well as Nat, Rob with their crew. Mike was hesitating having 8 people in our apartment but he forgets how HUGE our apartment is. It was so much fun! We took them around to see all the sights and tastes of Istanbul. Rob went to Asia for the first time and didn't turn into any more of a jerk then he already is. . . 

Walking down from our house to check out the Bosphorus.

Catching the boat to Kadiköy

First Turkish Tea's on the boat to Asia.

The Monteith boys.

Good eating at Ciya

View from our apartment at night

Letting off paper lanterns at night

Getting a bit of history lesson before we start our tour.

Mmm pickle juice!

I tired him out. .

I tired him out too. . .

After 4 days in Istanbul we headed to Cappadocia for some hiking, caving, biking and ballooning! Except for the flu monster a great time was had by all and here are the photos to prove it!

Much easier to walk around in the underground city with Libby on her own two feet!

Libby trying to close the door in the underground city tunnels

Full classroom!

Empty classroom!

The girls being the human bridge

Libby getting a big swing from Mehmet our wonderful guide!

I love it here Mama!

The Monteith Clan!

The Wrigglesworth clan!


Sweeping dirt on dirt. Because that is effective.

Minny Mike.

Comfy walking for Libby. . not so comfy for us!

Lucy doing what she loves. . on her head more then on her feet.

Hooray for friends!

This is in an old mill and the older man with the hat happened to be walking by and actually worked in the mill back in the day! Crazy!

Tortoise sighting

Heading out of the Ilhara Valley

Mini Mel and Mini Natty

Hiking is fun


Our guide Libby. . .

Beautiful Abby

Turkish Igloo

Turkish Igloo and it's creators.

A tumble weed before it begins to tumble.

Can you spot the kids?

Where is Oscar?

A Turkish hiking map. Where is the "You are here button"? ha ha

Thanks for making the big trip over to come and see us guys! We loved every minute of it! See you in Canada soon xoxo