Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Allez les Refuges!

Bonjour a tous! Nous sommes en France alors je vais écrire en Français. Si vous voulez comprendre ce que j'écris je vous avises d'acheter une bouteille de vin rouge français -l'ouvrir- boire deux verre et POUF! Maintenant vous allez comprendre tout ce que j'écris! Ça marche pour Mike - et vous ça marche tu?

Ok enough of my bad French grammar - my English is bad enough, all my aunts and uncles are shaking their heads right now. . .

In the region where we were in Savoi near La Parc National de la Vanoise are several "Refuge". These are similar to the Alpine Club of Canada back country huts we have in Canada with a few crucial upgrades that the ACC should consider:

1) They are run by people for the season
2) They provide all the sleeping stuff - you just have to bring in a "Sac de Viande" (more on that later)
3) They provide a cooked dinner (for a small fee), breakfast and a packed lunch if you like
4) They have COLD beer and yummy wine!

Reason #4 alone is AMAZING! How awesome is that to arrive to a hut after an 800 meter slog up with a whiny sweaty 4 year old to a COLD BEER! Instant eraser of the last 3 hours of negotiating-encouraging-patience tested to the max- sweaty (it was 36 degrees) - carry kid on shoulders with pack on your back- slog up to the hut. It makes you think that you should do it again next weekend. Which we did of course!

Getting an early start to try and beat the heat.

Libby with her "cotton candy" flowers.

Our lunch spot.

Lucy with Mt. Blanc in the background.

Refuge de Turia. Sleeps 19 people.

The kids enjoying some quiet time without their hiking boots on.

 Once everyone was rested we headed up to the Glacial lake for a dip.

Le Massif du Mt. Blanc

River crossing!


The glacial lake was too silty but we found this little one that was just as refreshing!


Even I got in!

The spa portion of the hike.

View down the valley

Looking back at the hut.

Melting glaciers.

That way to Canada!

All squeaky clean!


Mt. Blanc.

Waiting for the sun to set, to do some star gazing.

Spot the wildlife?

Oscar and Mike hiked out a different way then us and we drove over and collected them after.

Villaroger looking at Saint-Foy-Tarentaise.

Refuge Trip #2 to Refuge des Evettes was with our good friends Dominika, Christian, Mia and Clara from Austria. They used to live in Benghazi when we did and we actually met "online" through our blog 8 years ago when they were considering a move to Benghazi. So fun to see them and to get to know the girls all over again. The drive to this Refuge was incredible over the famous "Col D'Iserene" in behind Val D'Isère. Must go back to ski in the winter!

Taking a quick water back on the way up.

All the kiddos!

My handsome husband.

Christian taking a much needed nap at the Refuge.

Look at the views!

A little friend we met along the way. . .

Dominika and I headed off for a walk sans kids and enjoyed the views.

Can you see the bridge?

Amazing waterfall from the glacial runoff.

My feet to give it some perspective.

Our room at the Refuge. It slept 65 people and it was FULL!

Ready for dinner.

So good to see you guys!!

Love this kiddo!

On our way out the next we hiked to another lake before heading out.

Checking out the falls.

Three little wrigs on a bridge.

All the kids on the bridge.

Dominika and preparing for our headstands. She is the headstand master!! If you follow our blog you'll see that I often dedicate them to her.

Ta da!

Dominika is also a Yoga teacher so busted out this. WOW!

Clara showing us her incredible flexibility.

Lucy and Clara starting a new tradition.

Checking out the river from the other side.

More snow!


Almost at the Glacial Lake.


Re-fueling before the hike back out.

Skipping rocks.

River crossing. Brrrrr.

Libby got a piggy back across so wanted to check out the temperature for herself.

It really is cold Momma.

I tried to capture all the beautiful pink flowers. Amazing. It was like a pink carpet.

I still have not seen a real live Edeilwess. . .

Snowball fight in July!

Libby practicing her hops on the way down.
The kids playing Spot it on a beautiful sunny day.

Can you spot the Refuge?