Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Dad's First Day back on skiis! When their is no school- GO SKIING!

On January 1st to ring in the New Year and to celebrate Dad's good health we went skiing for the first time. Not bad for someone who just had surgery on December 8th! He was so excited and did great. Looking forward to many more days this winter with you Dad!

Not sure who is more excited?

First chair ride.

The snow god's happy that the Big man was back on snow.

Celebrating after in the Bar! Yay!

Silently celebrating on the couch at the end of the day.

Beautiful Fernie in the morning. -24 outside. Brrr!

Skiing at Castle Mountain with the Strom's on our way home to Calgary.

Someone was a little tuckered out. . .

Today was supposed to be the first day back for all three kiddos. Not in Alberta. They give the first Monday back as a PD day? So. . we went skiing at Sunshine with some friends. 3 different mountains in 3 days, not bad at all. Yay for Canada!

The new heated chair at Sunshine with the Villard Crew.

We were a little outnumbered but we had a great day!

Riding the chair with the blondies!

Friday, January 01, 2016

Fernie, Calgary, Fernie Christmas time fun!

Merry Christmas to all! Hope this holiday time has been filled with good family and friend times. I know ours sure has!

After school finished on the 18th of December I headed down to Fernie with the three kiddos and my nephews Rylen and Matteo. We had a bit of an adventure on our way down to Fernie as our brand new Thule box exploded on Highway 22. It was like a large shark jumped out of nowhere and bit the back of the box off. I pulled over threw on the hazards and picked up all the gear strewn all over the highway. Luckily two nice drivers in either direction saw my mess and blocked traffic for me in either direction while I gathered everything. What a mess! Now I had to fit everything that was in the Thule box into the car with 5 kids! As I was trying to figure out where to shove the last bit of stuff a nice couple pulled over and offered to take the rest of our gear to Crowsnest Pass. Phew! They also helped me take the box off and lean it against a fence to be picked up the next day. Once on our way again we were just before the BC border and there was a big truck accident, so we were stuck in traffic for another 2 hours. 6 hours later (it's normally a three hour drive) we arrived in Fernie starving and tired!
The nice gentlemen that took our stuff also drove back and got our Thule box as he was worried that someone was going to take it and ruin our holidays. What a guy!! There sure are some good people on our planet!

Here are some photos of our fun in Fernie with all the cousins, followed by scattered photos of the holiday fun.  Blogger didn't cooperate with the sequencing.....

All 5 kiddos happy so far in the car. . .

Shark bitten Thule Box. Ugh.

Fernie winter wonderland

Sledding with Uncle Robie and Baby Adaira.

Where's Libby?

Riding on Uncle Robie is always good fun!

Dad out for a walk.

Uncle Robie supervising craft time. Sugar cube igloo's.

Yay! Cousin time!

Yay skiing!

Look I made a full chairlift!

Pancakes with Papa.

Skating on Bowness Lagoon with the Strom and Laughlin clans.

Yay skating!

Libby and her buddy Elliott!

Merry Christmas! Santa is coming tonight!

Libby and my cute niece Adaira.

Christmas Eve fun!

Robie and mine's annual Christmas photo with Santa.

Someone is excited that Santa came!

Santa settling down for a long winter's nap.

Alberta prairies in the winter

Boxing day dinner with Mom and Dad.

Libby riding the poma all by herself.

Snowshoeing near my parent's house.

Nothing like Apple Pancake on a cold winter morning.
The cousins excited for their gift exchange.
Sweet Adaira opening her gifts.
Excited kids!
Oscar setting up his new Star Wars Risk game.
Matteo excited with his new colouring set.
Everyone in their PJ's reading the Night Before Christmas before bed.
Christmas morning happiness!
Papa receives his 'cancer bombs', made with hospital-issue underwear and ready-to-burn twigs
Rylen thinking carefully about his next move
Lucy's expression on sight of her very own Little Free Library
The carnage!  Lucky lucky lucky family.
Papa relaxing by the fire
Melanie and Papa
Libby gives Gaga a Christmas squeeze
Nice fire.
The Cancer Bombs ready to go.
The hosts hard at work in the kitchen.
Libby and Papa.
Great shot of Mel.
Three different cookie molds = one gingerbread reindeer.

Lucy and her friend Julia enjoying hot chocolate by the fire.
Rylen riding his comfy sleigh Dad.

Sugar cube igloo!