Thursday, March 06, 2014

Libby turns 3

Today little Libby Lou turns 3! Her wish for today was to go for a boat ride. So. . we all played hookie and went for breakfast and a boat ride.
How old are you?

Looking at all the jelly fish while waiting for the boat to leave.

Happy Libby!

Keeping a keen eye out for dolphins

Having one of Libby's favourite deserts "Straababerries" dipped in melted chocolate

Happy Birthday Libby Lou!

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Date night with Oscar

For Christmas this year Oscar gave me a date night out with him. Awwww.

So the little man and I headed out a few weeks ago on a date. I know. A few weeks ago. . . we (i.e. ME) are terrible at blogging lately. I promise to pick up my socks!!

We headed down to Taksim area, where once I arrived I got a Facebook message saying there was going to be protests in the area (Note: the large police fire hose truck thingy in the background of one of the photos) So I diverted our original plans to head closer to the Bosphorous for dinner.
We took the Tünel Tram for the first time down to Karaköy then we walked over to the Galata Bridge area to have dinner at one of the yummy fish restaurants under the bridge. We had our own "dinner show" watching all the fisherman above pull up their catches.

A great night out with Oscar learning all sorts of new things as usual about the world. He is one amazing kiddo.

Enjoy the photos from our date!

Watching some peaceful singers with the police tanker in the background.

Eating Italian Gelato and riding the Tram

See all the fishing lines. . .

Happy Oscar!

Fun date!
Watching the fish get carried up, up, up

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Open Assembly

Twice a year at the kids school they have "Open Assembly" which means that any kid or group or class can get up and perform. They can sing, dance, play music. Oscar's class did a little routine.
I hope you enjoy watching it was much as we did! Nice moves Oscar!

Monday, February 03, 2014

The last little while

As usual in our house, life is pretty full on. We really do just try and stay at home in our PJ's but well we live in Istanbul and there is just WAY too much fun stuff to do. These last few weekends have even been very "cultural" weekends . We went last weekend to see "Cats" and this past weekend we went to see "Stomp" as well as hitting up the Sabanci Museum to see the Anish Kapoor exhibit.

Kids are great, we are great and well enjoying all that life offers us! We are so lucky and we try to teach our kids and ourselves to be thankful for it.

Here are some photos from the last little while. . .

Libby enjoying some after school hockey!

My new Christmas present from Mike! Yahoo!

Libby and her buddy after a clowned themed art class

Libby enjoying a swing

The interesting vegetable display at the weekly market in our hood

A fun selfie that Oscar took

I love you Lucy!

A friend of mine gave us some of these and the kids LOVE them.

After a muddy mountain bike ride. Yes it was the middle of January and I biked wearing just that.

Mmmmmm Mud!

Lucy teaching a friend to skate

Barefoot playing at the park in January

Papa helping me walk all the kids home from soccer practice.

Libby excited about her belated Christmas gifts

GO CANADA!! Sochi fans are ready!

The most stylish hockey player around

At the new Jamie Oliver restaurant reading the kids menu

Libby taking swimming lessons

Libby's first hair cut. Bye bye curls!

After hair cut entertaining the staff with her iPad skills

Mike and I on a rare lunch date

Libby having lunch with Lucy's new doll.

Anish Kapoor exhibit

Libby sure likes wearing scarves

View from the rooftop of the Grand Bazaar

Another shot from the roof- thanks for the tip Jean!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Hockey Night in Ortakoy

On a recent trip to Canada I picked up some hockey sticks for the whole family.  Good fun after school tonight!  There's Kessel. . . .Kessel to Kadri. . . .Kadri shoots!  She scores!!!  

(Oscar has a Phil Kessel hoodie and Lucy has a Nazem Kadri shirt.  Insert jokes here about how they could probably make the actual Leafs team at the moment. . . . )

Monday, January 06, 2014

Libby actually making real turns and then having a tantrum

Mike caught this on video! So cool. Go Libby Go!

At the end of the run this is what happened. Too funny.

If you can't understand her through all the screaming and crying she doesn't want to take her skis off. She wants to keep skiing. Doesn't understand that the run is over and that you have to take the gondola back up to the top to do it again. Ha ha!