Tuesday, January 29, 2013


The Strom's have been visiting us for the last while and it has been great.  This weekend we all went to Bolu (about three hours east of Istanbul) and enjoyed a break from the city.  We stayed at Sakintepe, which was a great base for enjoying the outdoors.  More on the skiing adventure later, but the kids spent most of the time outdoors playing in the forest, looking for bugs and building a fort. 

Good clean fun.  Actually it was really muddy, but you know what I mean.  Just look at these guys!


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Kris said...

How cold is it? I see the jackets and hats, but you talk of mud and bugs, but also skiing. Is it a matter of being a short drive to the snow?

I come back here now and then because I really love the places you and your beautiful family go!