Monday, January 07, 2013

Last days of school holidays. . .but we get more if it snows! YEAH!

The kids and I have tried to make the most of the last days of school holidays to see and do things that we haven't had the chance to do.

On the 2nd we woke up to some weird weather. This was the view out our living room window. NOTHING. It was like we lived in a cloud. As the morning progressed the soup lifted but it sure took some time.
The Sabanci museum has been hosting the Monet exhibit and we wanted to check it out before it was over. This museum is on a beautiful piece of property right on the Bosphorous. AMAZING.
After our museum trip we hit Emirgan Park for some play time in the sunshine and then lunch at the famous Sutis restaurant. This place is so busy all the time that it literally creates a traffic jam on the Boshorous road. I'll take you there when you come to visit, especially in the spring when the tulips are in full bloom.

Sabanci Museum Property
View of the Bosphorous heading to the Black Sea
The kids and I with Dilara a friend from Benghazi. I ran into her Dad the day before on the ferry between Kabatas and Kadikoy. Yes it is a small world. So great to get a visit and to catch up!
You can just see the bridge way off in the distance floating in the fog.
On the weekend the kids and I went in the Adim Adim fun run at the Belgrade Forest. Libby and Oscar road in the luxury coach and Lucy the champ rode her bike all the way around the 6km loop. It was a little tricky to change gears with her mitts on, so a little pushing was required but all in all pretty good. Go Lucy Go! A bunch of my friends went in the race as well and we tried to make up a theme can you guess what we were?

The kiddos dressed up for the run
We did it!
The crew
And today there was only a half day of school as it snowed! Yahoo! It wasn't very much snow but enough to cancel school mind you. I only remember school ever getting cancelled once when I was in University when there was a really really bad snowstorm like 40+cm in Calgary. North Americans would laugh at the amount of snow that it took to get school cancelled here but the roads are so steep here and bald summer tires are not so safe on snow covered cobble stones.  We made snow people, a whole family of 5 with our new neighbours and made the best of it. As of right now at 11:34 PM Istanbul time school is already cancelled for tomorrow due to icy roads and more snow. Wish the ski hills were closer so that we could go skiing when this happens. Grrrr.

Our snow family

Lucy hugging her "Dad" snowman. The next best thing I guess. . .

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