Friday, June 28, 2013

European Championships of Beach Ultimate

Melanie is playing with the Turkish national team this weekend in Spain at ECBU2013.  This is the first ever WFDF event attended by a Turkish team so pretty cool for her to be involved.  She's been working hard training for the event but also as one of the captains, so planning, organizing and motivating the crew for the past few months.

Good result so far.  They won a game yesterday and another today, and Melanie is playing great of course.

You can see her make a nice up-wind pass for a score in this video (she's at the 2:00 mark) of their win versus Netherlands.

A neat feature was a live streaming broadcast of their game versus Poland last night.  While they didn't win, it was great fun watching "Mom on TV" for the kids.  Here's a photo of Mel (#25) on TV.

Here's a great photo of the team, courtesy of the ECBU2013 website photo guy.  There are probably internet rules about how to do this and give credit but I wanted to get the photo up regardless.  Go Turkey!

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